Every Organization Must Consider Before Finalizing On The Cybersecurity Policy For Their Information Assets

Cybersecurity is set to change rapidly, with immense growth in spending across all sectors. The following twelve cybersecurity predictions for 2021 show the rising challenges and opportunities for the near future.

Cybersecurity will remain a booming field in 2021, with almost 3.5 million posts that need to be filled. However, the landscape is set to undergo massive changes, and organizations need to have an idea about the future to take the necessary steps to adapt to the fast-changing threat landscape. The following twelve cybersecurity predictions will help organizations understand how COVID-19 has altered workplace habits and demand for cybersecurity solutions.

Internet provides us with thousands of services and applications today, and there are several free online services as well, that everyone would like to use.

In the digital world, information is the only thing that is widely accepted and it is typical to buy and sell data. But the only people who gets profit from these practices are the tech companies, internet and telecoms service providers, developers, and marketing networks that freely trade data about their subscribers and customers.

If you wish to use free online services, however, you have to give up control over some of your personal data…

IoT devices are dominating the healthcare industry today. From patient monitoring to anesthesia to radiology devices, they form the wheels driving the medical sector. But, is human error the sole factor behind hard-coded credentials, lack of authentication, and other vulnerabilities, or is it because of wrong or lazy decisions? Find out why cybersecurity in health security needs a centralized cybersecurity solution.

Cyberattacks can have a catastrophic effect on patient safety, which trickles down to the medical staff’s responsiveness. Health emergencies like heart attacks are the win and lose situations where minutes decide whether a person will live or die. …

Disney+ streaming service was launched last week and much to the surprise it had technical issues. In addition, within hours of the service going online, many users have reported that their accounts were hacked. The hacked accounts were then put up for sale on the dark web for prices ranging from US$3-11, or even for free. This type of account hijacking binge is not a new incident as this has happened to other popular streaming services as well.

There are some easy measures you can take to reduce the risk of such occurrences in the future. …

Jelena Zelenovic Matone and Remesh Ramachandran

As more devices are connected to Internet of Things, the complexity rises and naturally presents additional issues. CISOs, along with governments need to come together and seriously think of the economic, political and human challenges that will inevitably come our way. This evening we have closely followed the Luxembourgish news to see who the winner of the CISO of the year award will be.

As a professional and as a friend, I was glad to see that this year’s winner is Jelena Zelenovic Matone. …

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the C-level executive who is responsible for the information and data security for an entire organization or a business. CISO is considered to be the pinnacle of IT career and is a five-star general of an IT security department. It is the most prestigious and well-payed job among security professionals worldwide. A CISO can provide a level of accountability, thereby raising the overall standard of the organization’s security practices.

The main focus of a CISO is nothing but security. They need to select, supervise and provide suitable leadership and management for any initiatives…

Apple’s iOS system is very secure but still there are numerous ways to make your iPhone secure from hackers. Here, we provide you with a complete guide to iPhone security and necessary security tips for protecting your iPhone and sensitive data.

Keep iOS up to date

10 Clear Signs That Your Phone Was Hacked

Mobile phones are very instrumental when it comes to instant communication. This is because of the instant and fast messaging and calls connecting people to different parts of the world. This however may not be as safe and secure as the cell providers usually want us to believe. This is because, cell phones are vulnerable to attackers through social engineering, phishing or other means. Mobile phones provide intruders with access to record, track or even manipulate sensitive data or information in case they get access to our phones. This might be quite dangerous to us. …

Given the many tasks people carry out on their smartphones, keeping your data safe and secure in your smartphone is just as critical as securing your laptop and desktop computers . The information stored in the device can be, most probably, be more valuable than the whole gadget itself. There is no silver bullet that can make your smartphone not subject to threat, other than not using it, of course. There are numerous means to secure your smartphone. The following are the ways to keep the security of your cell phone up to standard.

1. Keylock code or pin


Hackers have turned to phishing as their main ways of attacking secure systems. They know how most of us react to messages that seem to need urgent attention and how we rush to click on those links that are given in the “urgent” message. In most cases they score at it and we get hacked so easily. It is like walking ourselves blindly into a fire and when we start burning, we realize the cost of our mistakes. It is now a high time we outsmart the hackers and avoid being duped. …

Remesh Ramachandran

Security Researcher & Consultant for the Government, Enthusiast, Malware Analyst, Penetration Tester He has been successful participant in various bug bounty

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